How Can Formative Research Shape Proposal Development?

An experience from Liberia.

Formative research is rarely used to develop robust and context-specific programme proposals. However during 2019 and 2020, the Action Against Hunger teams in Liberia, France and the UK and partners undertook formative research to support the development of a proposal for a consortium project to tackle stunting in three counties in Liberia.

The formative research included a Link NCA (led by ACF UK), a cost-of-diet analysis (led by Wateraid) and a barrier analysis (led by Concern). Grace Heymsfield, one of the Link NCA Analysts involved in the project, describes the three components of the research and the key findings in more detail here.

Tom Heath, Regional WASH Advisor with ACF France, provided technical support during the design of the research protocols. He shared his thoughts and key lessons about the process of involving formative research in the development of a multiyear programme.


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Thematic Area: Nutrition and Health

Location: Liberia

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Year Published: 2020
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