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Action Against Hunger’s Knowledge Hub is the home of all our technical, research, learning and strategic documents across the network. Here’s a short description of each section to help you find what you’re looking for:

In the Research section, you’ll find a profile page for each of our 50+ research projects. Each one will give you key information and documents about the project.

The Learning Hub brings together all sorts of learning from Action Against Hunger staff all over the world, in the form of articles, blogs, videos, audio, and more.

Our Technical policies and guidance includes all the key current guidance and strategy documents, as well as any tools, in all our technical areas.

The Further Resources section links to all of Action Against Hunger’s other valuable platforms and sources of information, including all the evaluation reports we’ve ever published, all the IARAN reports and accompanying infographics, information about our internal services, and everything you need to know about our nutrition information work (Coverage Monitoring, Smart and LinkNCA)