Middle East Annual Report 2020

The Middle East Annual Report 2020 outlines Action Against Hunger’s key activities, reach and achievements in all the countries where we work in the region.

Action Against Hunger has been operational in the Middle East for many years and provides support to vulnerable people in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, Turkey and has recently started to work in Libya. In 2020 Covid-19 has presented a set of unique challenges and issues for humanitarian actors – including our own organisation – working in these countries. Covid-19 is having a significant impact on countries and health systems across the Middle East. Countries that, in many cases, were already facing significant insecurity, population displacement and economic challenges are now having to cope with a pandemic that they don’t have the resources to respond to. For vulnerable communities and populations across the region, the pandemic is further undermining their livelihoods and access to basic services.

Download the report to read about the work we did in the Middle East in 2020, in all the countries where we work in the region.

Key Information


Year Published: 2020
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