Welcome to the workshop!

The annual International Health and Nutrition workshop is live and underway bringing together a range of participants across the Action Against Hunger network for 1 week between 23-27 September in Dakar, Senegal (the Country of Teranga!)

This year we explore the Continuum of Care: a lifecycle approach to health and reflections on the connection between each stage.

Follow the discussion live

The workshop will be documented on the following platforms:
Action Against Hunger’s International Learning Community on Facebook.
Action Contre La Faim West and Central Africa on Facebook and Twitter.
We will also be sharing blogs and content throughout the week, here on the Health and Nutrition Workshop Portal.


In the meantime, have a look at the workshop agenda summary below to get a taste of this year’s key topics, and to know what content to look out for.
Monday 23 Sept:
Take on from last workshop
Nutrition and Health Strategy and development of new ISP
Presentation from the SUN
Breakout sessions – social empowerment

Tuesday 24 Sept:
Continuum of Care and Life Cycle of Malnutrition introduction
Continuum of Care: Adolescents – country experience: CIV, Senegal
Continuum of Care: Women health and nutrition

Wednesday 25 Sept:
Continuum of Care: Newborn health
MAMI: Lessons learnt from pilots
Continuum of Care: children under 6 months – country experience
HQ meetings

Thursday 26 Sept:
Continuum of Care: Integrated child health introduction
MarketPlace: Innovations in Action Against Hunger
Breakout sessions
Research Marketplace

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