SQUEAC Support, Cameroon

Support to the Action Against Hunger nutrition team in Extreme Nord, Cameroon, with the planning and implementation of two SQUEAC assessments.

Action Against Hunger Cameroon contracted the MEAL Services team to support their nutrition team in Maroua in Extreme Nord, Cameroon, with the planning and implementation of two SQUEAC assessments in the districts of Tokombere and Roua. Action Against Hunger Cameroon supports the government of Cameroon with the implementation of CMAM services in Tokombere and the Croix Rouge Francais (CRF) supports CMAM services in the district of Roua. Both NGOs have been supporting CMAM services in the region through the “RESILIANT” consortium since September 2017.  

The objectives of the support were to oversee and supervise the planning and implementation of SQUEAC assessments in both districts and to build the capacity of programme staff in the implementation of SQUEAC assessments.  



Action Against Hunger Cameroon and CRF needed support with the implementation of coverage surveys in order to estimate the coverage of CMAM services at the beginning of the 2 year RESILIANT programme. To do this, the MEAL Services team facilitated the planning and implementation of 2 SQUEAC assessments in the two districts supported by CRF and ACF (Roua and Tokombere respectively). The assessments were implemented in parallel with two teams of surveyors over the course of 23 days. At the end of the assessments, we presented the results and facilitated a feedback and restitution workshop to elaborate action plans to improve coverage in the two districts. 



  • Final coverage assessment report presenting the results from both surveys 
  • Two action plans to improve coverage and service uptake 

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