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Two coverage surveys and training of key focal points in country on coverage methodologies.

The objective was to conduct two coverage surveys (SLEAC methodology) in the districts of Ampanihy & Betioky and to train key focal points in country on coverage methodologies with an operational focus on the SLEAC methodology. 


One team member conducted the work in country, receiving some remote support from the UK team. The SLEAC survey protocol, including the timeline and budget, and training materials were finalised remotely. A number of logistical and administrative processes (e.g. team recruitment, car rental, etc.) were launched remotely but finalised upon arrival. The work in country involved a 3-day training for the data collection team on how the data collection would be conducted, followed by 8 days of data collection across two districts. Afterwards, the collected data was analysed and compiled in a preliminary report, which was shared for comments with UNICEF/ACF Madagascar. The preliminary results were shared with the Action Against Hunger team in Tulear (for capacity building purposes) and discussed with UNICEF in detail to ensure that their potential concerns would be duly taken into consideration in the final report. The report was finalised remotely and presented to the Nutrition Cluster for validation. 

Due to the plague outbreak at the end of 2017, it was not possible to conduct a training of key focal points on coverage methodologies prior to the SLEAC survey. For this reason, one team member travelled to Madagascar again in January 2018 to complete the work. As requested, participants received a three-day training on the SLEAC methodology with the aim to prepare them for an independent (or remotely supported) lead of such surveys. 


  1. SLEAC Survey Protocol
  2. Preliminary SLEAC Report with separate coverage classifications for two districts 
  3. Final SLEAC Survey Report with separate coverage classifications for two districts 
  4. SLEAC Survey Final Results Presentation for Nutrition Cluster 
  5. SLEAC Survey In-Depth Training Materials 

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