Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM) Photo Diagnosis App® Project: Phase 2

An innovative image-based diagnosis model for acute and chronic malnutrition.
Phase 2. Validation Phase: Adapting technology to users

The rigorous design of the first phase allowed the development of an innovative diagnostic tool. At conception, it was recognised that a second phase of the project would be needed to further develop the tool, expand its use to different contexts and explore further use of the tool at scale. Thus, as both the programming of the App and the first preliminary results were being generated, new research questions and concerns were arising and opening-up potential future App functionality and usability paths to be developed. Here the aim is to reinforce both dimensions of the App as a research and diagnostic tool. Important usability improvements still need to be carried out.

This innovation has been recognized with two international awards and one national award. These outstanding results have encouraged us to carry out a further and wider exploration of the child’s body shape in terms of nutritional status designing the second phase of the project.

This new approach will allow caretakers and community members to diagnose and monitor the nutritional status of children. Additionally, the App would provide access to key nutrition information via messages, nutrition Social and Behaviour Change Communication, to prevent and manage malnutrition at the community level.

In order to fulfil this vision, SAMphotoD must comprise a user centred design, which means that the App will adapt its features to the needs of the different users, as well as an effective communication system between them, which will be families, community health workers, regional health centres and Health Ministries.

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Laura Medialdea Principal Investigator of SAM Photo Diagnosis App® Project, Research Expert, Technical Department, ACF-Spain

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