Results Based Management Consultancy: Standby Partnership

The team examined the monitoring systems within the Standby Partnership and provided recommendations on the extent to which a common measurement could be used to collect and collate outcome level data.

With over 45 partners and 14 UN agencies within the Standby Partnership was finding it difficult to collect, collate and analyse data to demonstrate the effectiveness and efficiency of the mechanism as a whole. In part, this was due to the fact that partners and UN agencies used a variety of tools and standards to collect and analyse data.  

The objectives of the consultancy were to examine the monitoring systems within the Standby Partnership, provide recommendations on the extent to which a common measurement could be used to collect and collate outcome level data, and allow for reporting of outcome and impact across the partnership. If findings demonstrated that a common reporting mechanism was possible, the team was to propose a reporting criterion which may be adopted by partners and agencies across the partnership. 



This study consisted of a desk review of documentation relating to the Partnership followed by semi-structured interviews. The document review included over 90 documents, including monitoring databases, dashboards and reporting processes, as well as performance evaluation repots (PERs), began 3rd July 2017 and shaped the development of the interview guide. Interviews began on 12th July 2017 and continued until 14th August 2017, and involved 24 interviews with UN agencies, NGO partners, key SBP stakeholders and a deployee. The document review continued throughout the interview period as new interviews were scheduled and relevant documentation was acquired. Information gathered through the document review and interviews was analysed and triangulated to ensure a greater level of rigour. The study did not involve an extensive review of any other programmatic data.  



  • One report: Standby Partnership Results Based Management Consultancy 
  • One webinar, both presentation and video  
  • One workshop in Geneva to discuss how to take recommendations forward

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