MEL Support to the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC)

The MEAL Services team provided services to the DEC in a 2-year project to build improved Knowledge and Information Management systems and linked to automated dashboards and dynamic data visualisations.

The project was designed to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of KIM systems for routine data collection, analysis and use; and to improve the impact of data through accessible and engaging dashboards and data visualisations. The project revised existing reporting forms and set up a database and dashboards using Microsoft Power Query, a dynamic Microsoft tool that enhances business intelligence tasks, to collect information from 13 member agencies across various independent appeals. 



The project was implemented in 4 stages, with design, build, ongoing build and roll-out, and maintenance. The system was built using a series of excel forms, which were based on the existing DEC data collection forms and adapted to incorporate Power Query, which allowed for the automatic consolidation and cleaning of data from multiple member agencies and across appeals. This was linked to an automatic dashboard in excel which helped with management decisions. This system allowed DEC to be flexible and continue to make changes throughout the project, which would not have been possible with a closed, purpose built system. The consolidated databased was also linked to an interactive map on Tableau for every appeal, which was shared with member agencies.  

The project was implemented by one Action Against Hunger focal point at a time, with Juliet Parker as the lead. The focal point (Matias, Diego then Katherine) would spend a minimum of 1 day per week at the DEC with additional days of support provided from a distance. During appeal time surge support was provided to the DEC programme team. 


  1. Reporting forms for collection of financial and programme data from 13 member agencies 
  2. Semi-automated dashboards in Excel and Tableau 
  3. Static maps in ArcGIS 
  4. Infographics using Piktochart 

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