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Providing MEL support to a £40m, DFID-funded consortium programme involving 45 agencies across 11 countries, to build the preparedness capacity of local actors.

The Learning Project was a long-term project from 2015-2018 set up to provide MEL support to a DFID-funded consortium programme, which involved 45 agencies across 11 countries. The project aimed to produce and facilitate evidence and learning about what does and does not work in humanitarian preparedness.  



The project was UK-led, with focal points consisting of regional and country Learning Advisors in DRC, Kenya, Ethiopia, Philippines, Bangladesh and Pakistan. The team worked with the DEPP projects to support them in their MEL components, so that both quality and quantity of evidence is produced (such as end of project evaluations). Furthermore, they produced research and learning reports and provided technical and managerial oversight of the programme-level evaluation. Through its in-country and regional Learning advisors, the project acted as a catalyst for collaboration and knowledge exchange by holding events and closely working with in-country partners. Team members worked with the Start Network and DFID to ensure that the programme logframe and MEAL system was in place. Finally, the Digital Learning Platform was developed which acts as a repository for all the resources generated.  



  • Produced 134 learning resources
  • Supported the design, synthesis, analysis and structuring/editing of an additional 32 resources across 5 projects
  • MEL guidance to DEPP projects (both in-country and at UK level)
  • Online learning platform
  • Managing the external evaluation
  • Hosting 36 learning events across 11 countries and numerous webinars

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Author: Robina Shaheen, James Hunter, Elizabeth Smith, Alice Hale, Ida Aagenaes, Darja Markek, Hannah Wichterich, Shahida Arif, Helen Asnake

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