ISP3 round-up: key trends and priority statements

A round-up of the conversations that are happening during the Valencia conference: looking at our key trends and the process of defining our priority statements around the key trends, Action Against Hunger’s value proposition and strategic priorities.

The real meat of the work happened at Valencia yesterday: our 140 participants spent all day working in small groups to work out a number of priority statements (i.e. statements articulating what should be the key issues that should be taken into account) to feed into our new International Strategic Plan. The conversations used the consultation already carried out across the network as a foundation on which to define the key priorities around three of the elements of the ISP3 research framework: Key Trends, Action Against Hunger’s Value Proposition and Strategic Priorities.

One of those key elements had brought forwards some particularly interesting findings from the consultation. The Key Trends – or the factors likely to influence and affect our organisation in the next five-year period – showed some clear consensus (as well as some interesting convergences) across the network.

  • Read more about what key trends came out most strongly, and what different parts of the network prioritised.

Climate change and the increase in the frequency and intensity of natural disasters emerged as by far the most significant global trend in the minds of staff. Behind this, increasing pressure on food systems, the increase in large-scale forced migrations and increasing vulnerabilities caused by political instability and conflicts were cited to a similar extent.

There’s lots more to read, watch and listen to on the ISP3 Portal, so do check it out and comment at the bottom of the page to join the conversation.

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