Gender day 2 – Gender and our mandate

For the second day of this week dedicated to gender, we invite you to learn more about the link between gender and our mandate – the fight against hunger. Below you will find videos, a webinar, a podcast, examples of field projects that have a gender dimension, and more information.



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Why include gender in the fight against hunger?



Including gender helps to better understand differences in access to and control of resources, and to identify the specific needs of the women, girls, boys and men with whom we work.



WEBINAR: Gender and our mandate, with Michael Arnaud (Deputy Director, Gender & GBV)

Watch the webinar below


The objective of this webinar is to better understand what is our role in promoting gender equality and mitigating and preventing GBV – to answer these questions we will specifically look at gender equality in our sectors of intervention – WASH, FSL and Nutrition. We will also review the Action Against Hunger network’s strategy to promote gender equality, the work of the Gender Unit, and the Gender Minimum Standards.
Webinar – Slides
Webinar – Introduction exercise
Webinar – Quiz and polls



Here are several examples of projects and initiatives led by Action Against Hunger that have a gender dimension (click on the countries to learn more!)




No Hunger Radio: Men’s groups in India

Podcast episode on involving men in nutrition





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