Evaluation of a Food and Nutrition Security Project in Nigeria

Evaluation of Protecting and Promoting the Food and Nutrition Security in Yobe State, Phase II, North-Eastern Nigeria.

The overall objective of the assignment was to provide Evaluation and Learning support to the external independent evaluation of the Nigeria B3C project, funded by USAID/Food for Peace and implemented by the Action Against Hunger in the USA and Nigeria. This support involved the accompaniment and assistance of an independent consultant by a UK staff for the purpose of carrying out a final evaluation. 




A team of one independent consultant and one Action Against Hunger staff member conducted the evaluation adopting a mixed-methods approach for quantitative (Household surveys) and qualitative (interviews and Focus Group Discussions) data, including the training of enumerators and the use of ODK forms. The evaluation was structured according the OECD/DAC criteria (including Design) but was also focused on broader programmatic learning for cash interventions incorporating nutrition and nutrition education elements.

The preliminary findings workshop, which engaged programme staff, local government authority representatives, vendors and beneficiaries, along with the final report provided insights of what worked well and what should be improved in beneficiary selection, cash and voucher distribution, monitoring, beneficiary feedback mechanisms and risk and fraud elimination. The evaluators provided strategic and practical recommendations and highlighted good practices that can be applied to other programming.  



  • Stakeholder’s workshop in country
  • Final Evaluation report 

Read the final report in related links below.

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