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Covid-19 in the Horn and Eastern Africa – Policy Briefs

The COVID-19 pandemic is having a devastating impact on already fragile livelihoods and unstable economies in the Horn and East Africa. These policy briefs outline the impact of the pandemic in the region, and include a call to action to governments, donors, the un system and key actors.

Section: COVID-19 COVID-19 Advocacy Technical
Type: Briefing Case study Policy

COVID-19 Response Portal

A dedicated space for all knowledge content related to COVID-19, including technical, learning and advocacy resources, and a global response map detailing our reach.

Section: Further Resources

Multi-Sectoral Surveillance System in Covid-19 Context

The multi-sectoral surveillance system is an alert system, providing early warnings on emerging threats in order to allow cross-cutting, adaptive programming.

Section: COVID-19 COVID-19 Technical Key Documents
Type: Guide

No Hunger Radio: Covid-19

The “Research” series of the No Hunger Radio all about how and why we conduct research and how it fits in with Action Against Hunger’s operational programming. Released over four episodes in 2020.

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Showing 4 of 4 posts found.