Use of TEM-Fast

TEM-Fast as part of geophysical prospecting missions

This report is for users of the TEM-Fast 48HPC. It is not a course in geophysics itself. Its purpose is to provide the user with some useful fundamentals and advice to achieve reliable measurements with this device and to interpret them correctly.  The document is organised into three sections:

  1. The first section presents the basics of the TDEM method, its advantages, disadvantages and the characteristics of a measurement.
  2. The second section focuses on the TEM-Fast itself, how it functions proposed methodology for using it and interpreting its measurements. This part gathers tips and recommendations to guide the user through the different stages of measurement to interpretation.
  3. The third section presents some results of tests carried out in the framework of geophysical prospecting missions and allows illustration the protocol defined in the second part.

This report only needs to evolve: any comments, remarks, corrections are welcome. The purpose of this report is to be improved through the experience of TEM-Fast users in order to be as complete as possible, and to help the user to be able to face as many situations as possible.


About this document

Section: Technical

Thematic Area: Water Sanitation and Hygiene

Location: Global

Type: Guide

Language: French

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Year Published: 2010
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