The psychosocial impact of humanitarian crises – a better understanding for better interventions

In this document, we describe the different crises situations in which Action Against Hunger intervenes: natural disasters, conflicts, totalitarianism and extremism.

We introduce the specific psychosocial impact on communities, families and children for each crisis situation. We also clarify the difference between establishing psychosocial programmes to support the community and / or a victim (which involves specific expertise) and integrating the psychosocial dimension into Action Against Hunger’s different humanitarian programmes.

This guide is for those who, in the field as well as at headquarters, develop and / or intervene in Action Against Hunger’s programming in humanitarian crisis situations. Many will not have had training in the field of psychology, but need to understand the psychosocial challenges of a crisis situation, in order to make interventions more appropriate and meaningful. We hope that this guide will help build more respectful, appropriate programmes that respond to the psychosocial needs of populations.


About this document

Section: Technical

Thematic Area: Emergency Response Mental Health and Care Practices

Location: Global

Type: Guide

Language: English

Key Information


Author: Claire Colliard, Cecile Bizouerne, Francesca Corna

Year Published: 2014
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