Stunting: Thematic Review

This paper introduces stunting and its consequences and the reasons for reinforcing Action Against Hunger’s interventions to combat it.

Stunting has negative consequences for a child’s physical and mental development, mainly if it occurs in the critical window of the first 1.000 days (from conception to the first 2 years of life). A stunted child has a higher risk of short-term morbidity and mortality, as well as non-communicable diseases in later life, and a lower learning capacity and productivity.

This paper introduces stunting and its consequences, the reasons for reinforcing our interventions to combat it, as well as a summary of our nutrition sensitive interventions and Action Against Hungers position on stunting between 2016 and 2020.


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Section: Technical

Thematic Area: Nutrition and Health

Location: Global

Type: Article

Tags: Stunting

Language: English

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Year Published: 2014
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