Resilience: A Step Beyond Disaster Risk Reduction

This 4-page briefing paper explains resilience in an accessible and visual way.

The increasing frequency and intensity of disasters and humanitarian crises and its resulting suffering and losses represents a major threat to long term development, growth and poverty reduction, in particular in the poorest and developing countries. We can help people, households, communities and governments to better withstand increasing shocks and stresses. In other words, help them strengthen their resilience.

Resilience is a word that we hear more and more, but what is resilience? What does resilience add to existing disaster risk reduction (DRR) interventions? In this document you will find elements that address these questions and essential actions from the resilience building process.

Key Messages
 Resilience is multi-hazard, multi-sectorial, multi-partner and multi-level
 Participatory approach is essential
 Resilience integrates Disaster Risk Reduction, Climate Change Adaptation and poverty reduction.

About this document

Section: Technical
Thematic Area: Disaster Risk Reduction
Location: Global
Type: Briefing
Tags: Resilience
Language: English

Key Information

Year Published: 2014
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