Local partnership policy

Action Against Hunger’s Local Partnership Policy commits us to partnering with local or national actors wherever possible.

Action Against Hunger is committed to acknowledging, respecting and strengthening the capacity, leadership and systems at a local/national (L/N) level while learning from L/N actors and ensuring our work always adds value and complements that of L/N actors.

We do this so that the needs of affected communities are more appropriately addressed and that L/N actors are better prepared for their role as humanitarian and development responders.

We strive to turn short-term collaborations into longer-term strategic partnerships where deemed beneficial for the L/N actor and promoting local leadership as far as possible.

We’re committed to investing the necessary resources required to work in partnership, accept and share a certain level of risk, tackle the inevitable challenges and maximise the opportunities that arise from working with L/N actors. The level of cooperation and extent to which we can partner with L/N actors depends on a variety of factors, but we believe there are opportunities for mutually beneficial collaboration and shared interest in all contexts.

We’re committed to prioritising and monitoring the strengthening of our local partnership approach across Action Against Hunger and embedding it in our organisational culture.

This policy will be regularly revised as our wider localisation agenda and ambitions are defined in more detail.


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