Integrated Risk Management for Smallholder Farmers Resilience

This paper outlines approaches to integrated risk management intended to stabilize the incomes of the rural poor.

Risk is inherent in agriculture. Farmers face a variety of market and production risks that make their incomes unstable and unpredictable from year to year. Input prices may increase out of reach, crops may be destroyed, selling prices may plummet and harvests may rot in poor storage facilities. In many cases, natural disaster is the major risk faced by farmers. Assets and lives may be lost due to severe droughts, hurricanes, earthquakes and floods. The type and severity of the risks confronting farmers are particularly burdensome to small-scale farmers in the developing world. Unless adequately managed, agricultural risks slow economic development, hamper poverty reduction and contribute to humanitarian crises.


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Section: Technical

Thematic Area: Disaster Risk Reduction

Location: Global

Type: Guide

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Year Published: 2016
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