Hungry for Peace: A Call to Action

Action Against Hunger, FAO and WFP urge the international community to act now by strengthening commitments to end hunger.

Action against Hunger, FAO and WFP seized the Paris Peace Forum opportunity to raise their voices to press all stakeholders to strengthen commitments to ending hunger and lay the foundation for stable, peaceful, resilient societies. This document is a joint Call to Action, launched on November 11 (2018), aiming to improve global governance on the issues at stake and to promote collective and concrete actions. It builds on the unanimous adoption of the UNSC Resolution 2417 (2018), which recognises the inter-relationship between armed conflicts and hunger and considers conflict-induced food insecurity as a threat to international peace and security. This Resolution also strongly condemns the starvation of civilians as a method of warfare and the unlawful denial of humanitarian access, and requests that the Security Council be promptly informed of the occurrence, in contexts of armed conflict, of the risk of famine and widespread food insecurity. 4 recommendations are presented to break the vicious cycle between hunger and conflict:

1. Ensure global support and promotion of UNSCR 2417 through the creation of a “Group of Friends for UNSCR 2417”;

2. Address unlawful denial of humanitarian access and depriving civilians of goods and services indispensable to their survival;

3. Promote long term, conflict sensitive interventions that can respond to immediate needs and address root causes of food insecurity and conflict;

4. Strengthen the collection and dissemination of data contributing to regular, neutral analyses of food security and nutrition in conflict-affected contexts.


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Section: Technical

Thematic Area: Advocacy Nutrition and Health

Location: Global

Type: Briefing

Tags: Conflict and hunger

Language: English

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Author: Tiphaine Walton, Pauline Chetcuti, Etienne Juvanon du Vachat

Year Published: 2018
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