Global Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Program 2020

The purpose of this document is to outline the strategy to make a tangible difference to undernutrition through integrated approaches.

The WASH’Nutrition & Health 2020 Agenda is an Action Against Hunger network effort that aims at improving Health and Nutrition outcomes by implementing integrated strategies within WASH, Nutrition & Health and MHCP by 2020. The agenda analyses the main challenges in integrating WASH, Nutrition & Health, MHCP efforts and offers the best adapted solutions to build a common goal for 2016-2020. It also aims at presenting the main contributions from AAH and its commitments for the next four years.

The Global WASH program will budget and secure functions and activities in order to make the ISP 2016-2020, the WASH’Nutrition & Health 2020 Agenda and the Theory of Change a tangible difference in the Humanitarian context of undernutrition.


About this document

Section: Technical

Thematic Area: Water Sanitation and Hygiene

Location: Global

Type: Strategy

Language: English

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Year Published: 2017
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