Global Performance Review 2021

The Global Performance Review is an opportunity for us to highlight our achievements and challenges in 2021.

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Please note that we’re still in the process of verifying all data, so we’ll share a final version of the GPR video in autumn.

Country presence

During 2021, we had a presence in 55 countries and ran projects in 51 of them across Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, the Middle East and Europe. In those 51 countries, we ran 686 projects.

Together, we assisted 26.3 million people.

59% of our programmes – assisting 14.4 million people – focused on health and nutrition, while 28.6% of them – reaching 6.9 million people – focused on WASH. We reached 2.2 million people with our food security and livelihoods work, over 352,000 with mental health care, 332,000 with our advocacy work and over 66,000 people through our disaster risk reduction work.


We responded to 55 emergencies in 21 countries and deployed staff from our emergency pool on 45 occasions. While the number of emergencies has remained the same as previous years, emergencies were experienced in fewer countries, meaning some countries were hit multiple times.

In terms of geographical spread, the vast majority of emergency responses were in Africa, with 40 of the 55 emergency responses in the continent.

Security incidents

As we all know, hunger crises are in most cases driven by violence. As a result, we are working in some of the most volatile countries in the world.

Across the board in 2021 we have seen an increase in security incidents compared to 2020. While 80% were minor incidents,  we experienced 24 severe or critical incidents, from car accidents to shelling and assault on our staff.

We take the safety and security of our staff and beneficiaries very seriously, so to better protect them from further harm, we’ve doubled the number of staff trained in between 2020 and 2021, to over 1,600.


We’re renowned for our expertise that requires constant innovation and research. In 2021 we carried out 55 research projects, which was covered in more than 100 research publications. Many of these were multisectoral research projects, which is why the percentages add up to more than 100.

The vast majority – 88% – included a nutrition component; nearly half included health and a third included mental health and care.

Income and expenditure

Our annual income continues to rise, reaching €523 million in 2021, €15 million more than the previous years and €70 million more than the year before that.

Of that total, €390 million were restricted public funds – a slight decrease of €10 million from 2020.

We experienced a decrease in grants from the UN and the governments of the US, UK, Spain and Switzerland. But an increase in grants from the EU and the governments of Germany, France, Canada and Sweden. Meanwhile, our unrestricted and restricted income from private sources continues to rise year on year, with an impressive 25% increase compared to 2020. This is good news as it enables Action Against Hunger to be quicker in its humanitarian response, to fund programmes in forgotten crises and to invest in innovations.

According to our figures, we have seen a sharp increase in the number of people donating to us, either with a one-off donation or a recurring, or regular gift. Almost 800,000 people donated to us, a quarter of a million more than 2020.

In terms of how we spent our funds in 2021, 91% was spent on programmes, 7% on fundraising and 2% on management, governance and support services.



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The Global Performance Review is an opportunity for us to highlight our achievements and challenges in 2021.

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