Environment and Climate Policy

An environmental policy and minimum standards developed by Action Against Hunger Spain, outlining commitments to embrace global and local climatic challenges, establishing core principles and a series of steps to guide our interventions.

In Action Against Hunger, we recognise that the impact of climate change could be disastrous and undermine years of progress in the fight against hunger and malnutrition. We are thus committed to move forward in our approach to the climate crisis and to be at the forefront of the fight against hunger under a climate and environmental approach. Health security is also directly affected by climate change with the increase of waterborne and vector-borne diseases, such as malaria, dengue, diarrhoea and cholera; and has many other health implications. Also, extreme weather events damage infrastructure and can impede access to health and care facilities, placing pregnant women and infants most at risk.

This Policy lays down our commitments to embrace the environmental and climatic challenges, establishing core principles and a series of steps to guide our interventions under global and local perspectives, able to protect the local environment, identify environmental risks and mitigate them. Besides, a set of minimum standards and indicators has been established in order to allow a proper monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of the Policy. Our engagement will pass through a clear integration of the issues raised by climate crisis and environment in our strategic planning as well as in our management system in both Head-quarters and field activities.

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About this document

Section: Technical

Location: Global

Type: Policy

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Key Information

This Action Against Hunger Policy was developed under the coordination of Mayte Valdez, Cross-cutting Themes Manager of Action Against Hunger in Spain and Didier Vergès, Prevention & Disaster Resilience Referent of Action Against Hunger in Spain.

Author: Eduardo Sánchez Jacob, Rudy Martínez and Candela de la Sota Sández

Year Published: 2020
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