Disaster Risk Management for Communities

This policy emphasises joint proactive action addressing the risk, and reactive action addressing the impact of natural and man-made disaster with a special focus on undernutrition.

This policy is written for Action Against Hunger staff, and aims to:

Define the issues of disaster risk and the different approaches to manage risk – it is important to use a coherent way of communicating DRM to others, given the lack of global coherence in terminology and concepts (Section 2),

Outline the current and likely future dynamics of disaster risk – it is equally important to understand why we do DRM and what we do for DRM. (Section 3),

Present the commitment of ACF for DRM in communities (Section 4) and how to make this practice sustainable within ACF via an institutional strategy (Section 5).


About this document

Section: Technical

Thematic Area: Disaster Risk Reduction

Location: Global

Type: Policy

Language: English

Key Information


Year Published: 2011
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