Climate Change: A Hunger Crisis in the Making

This report explores how climate change is driving a hunger and malnutrition crisis, and outlines solutions and recommendations.

The climate emergency is a humanitarian emergency, and it is predicted to get a lot worse, even if the rise in average global temperatures is kept to 1.5°C. In all scenarios, there will be food crises globally due to the warming climate and biodiversity loss, extreme weather events will become more frequent, and growing seasons will be shorter. Freshwater will become scarcer, and disease and malnutrition will rise. This will contribute to displacement and conflict and – as is so often the case – women and children will be disproportionately affected.


About this document

Section: Technical

Thematic Area: Advocacy Climate Change

Location: Global

Type: Report

Language: English

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Author: Action Against Hunger

Year Published: 2021
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