FUSAM Project – Maternal Mental Health

Evaluation of a brief psychosocial support for mothers and their severely acute malnourished children in Nepal and in its effect on maternal mental health.

This presentation was made at the 2018 World Association for Infant Mental Health (WAIMH) Conference in Rome. It summarises the evaluation of psychosocial support for mothers and their severely acutely malnourished children in Nepal, and its effects on maternal mental health, as part of the FUSAM project. The presentation covers the study design and outlines the nature of support given, presents baseline characteristics, and the influence of the intervention on maternal depression and self-esteem.


About this document

Section: Research

Thematic Area: Mental Health and Care Practices Nutrition and Health

Location: Nepal

Type: Briefing

Tags: Mental health

Language: English

Key Information


Author: Karine Le Roch, Isabelle Rampa, Gobinda Koirala, Shoyata Shrestha, Fahmida Tofail, Cecile Bizouerne

Year Published: 2018
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