Ethics and Research: Principles and Guidelines

This document provides guidelines on ethics in relation to research activities in Action Against Hunger.

As the organisation is enhancing its research capabilities by expanding the number and breadth of research topics it is dealing with, it is imperative to acknowledge the dimension of ethics in this effort.

This document introduces 6 main principles for ethics in Action Against Hunger’s Research activities, in line with Action Against Hunger’s Charter of Principles:

– Action Against Hunger’s research is responsive to the needs of vulnerable people,
– Action Against Hunger’s research is ethically justified and scientifically valid,
– Action Against Hunger’s research is culturally-sensitive in its research undertakings,
– Action Against Hunger’s research promotes the strengthening of capacities in the host country’s target communities,
– Action Against Hunger’s research makes an effort to ensure the availability of the knowledge generated and product developed locally and promotes a wide sharing of research results,
– Action Against Hunger ensures by all means possible, avoidance of research bias due to conflict of interest with other stakeholders and that research is not profit-driven.

This document provides guidance on the application of each of these principles in ACF and gives some highlights on particular situations that can arise in the field. It provides appropriate ACF internal guidance for a research proposal, a participant information sheet, a consent form, standard clauses to be included in a memorandum of understanding, the vetting process of a possible for-profit company as a sub-contractor.


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Section: Research Technical

Thematic Area: Research

Location: Global

Type: Guide

Language: English

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Year Published: 2012
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