Evaluation of Uganda Cash Consortium Pilot, Danish Refugee Council

An evaluation of the Uganda Cash Consortium, which implemented a cash-focused programme across three years.

The Uganda Cash Consortium (UCC) implemented a multi-sectoral, multi-year programme including FSL, WASH, shelter and education activities. For each of these sectors, cash was the primary modality of delivering the assistance, with the exception of constructing latrines and shelter. The evaluation was commissioned to inform learning and to be accountable to the donor/affected populations.

The programme was largely seen as a pilot, and so the evaluation assessed to what extent the pilot has been a success. In particular, it assessed the effectiveness/impact of multi-purpose cash vs cash for specific sectors, the duration of cash distribution and the frequency of cash distribution. The impact of each of these approaches vs alternatives was concluded and recommendations were drawn as to what a similar, future programme should look like. The evaluation also assessed the programme against the DAC-Criteria. We are currently working with the UCC on the second programme, to support the MEAL systems in place.


  • Inception Report
  • Final Report

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Section: Meal Services
Thematic Area: Cash-based Interventions
Location: Uganda
Type: Evaluation
Language: English

Key Information

Author: Joel Woolfenden, Federico Ercolano

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