Evaluation of South Sudan Programme, Danish Church Aid

An evaluation of Danish Church Aid’s South Sudan 2018-2020 Programme strategy

ACF UK Meal services conducted an evaluation of DCA South Sudan’s country programme from 2018-2020. Its primary aims were:

  1. To generate findings and recommendations to inform the design of their 2021-2023 programme strategy.
  2. To provide network-wide learnings.



The programme was multi-sectoral, implementing activities focused on cash, livelihoods, peacebuilding, disaster risk reduction and mine-action. The evaluation explored all of these sectors focusing on the degree to which the triple nexus approach had successfully provided an holistic impact on the target communities. The evaluation also compared the modality of self-implementation against working through DCA’s 10 local partners. A household survey was conducted in multiple regions in South Sudan, along with FGDs and KIIs to inform the findings.


  • Inception report
  • Final report

Key Information

Author: Joel Woolfenden

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