Endline for ECHO, 5CORE Consortium, Syria

An endline evaluation for a $40 million conosrtium programme in Syria which implemented WASH and FSL activities across seven Syrian Governorates.

This endline evaluation was a part of the UK MEAL Services team’s long-term support to the 5CORE consortium. Previously we conducted a baseline, midline and training on a number of MEAL technical areas. The endline was conducted in early 2021 and rounded of the evaluation cycle. The evaluation was conducted to generate lessons learned and accountability to the donor and affected populations.


The thematic focuses were Water, Sanitation and Hygiene and Food Security and Livelihoods while also exploring to what extent protection was mainstreamed across all activities. KIIs and a household survey were conducted to inform the evaluation, while also utilising existing monitoring data.


  • Inception report
  • Final report

About this post

Section: Meal Services
Thematic Area: Food Security and Livelihoods, Protection, Water Sanitation and Hygiene
Location: Syria
Type: Endline
Language: English

Key Information

Author: Joel Woolfenden, Cornelia Aton

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