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Baseline Study – Educate a Child Programme, Somalia

A baseline study for a three-year $20 million primary education intervention in Somalia implemented by Mercy Corps and Mercy-USA, in order to collect data for indicators to be compared against after project implementation.

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Type: Report

Covid-19: Our response in 2020

The Covid-19 Report 2020 outlines Action Against Hunger’s work in tackling the pandemic.

Section: Key Documents
Type: Report

Famine: better prevention, better response

This briefing gives UK Parliamentarians an overview of the current situation in some of the countries experiencing crisis levels of hunger, and sets out some of the ways lives can be saved and longer-term impacts on development and stability can be achieved.

Section: Technical
Type: Report

MERIAM – Modelling Early Risk Indicators to Anticipate Malnutrition

Modelling early risk indicators to anticipate malnutrition

Section: Prevention
Type: Research Paper

Relapse Study

Identifying the Prevalence of and Risk Factors for Relapse After Recovery from Severe Acute Malnutrition

Section: Research Treatment

Security Council Action Vital in Breaking Deadly Links Between Conflict and Hunger

A briefing produced for a high level event on conflict and hunger at the UN General Assembly 2018, setting out key asks to UN Member States for implementation of Resolution 2417 and breaking the cycle between hunger and conflict.

Section: Technical
Type: Briefing

Strengthening Resilience through Crowdfunding in Somalia

A Learning Review article from 2019 about the concept of crowdfunding which has been introduced in Somalia in recent years with many Somalis showing interest in contributing to community owned activities.

Section: Learning
Type: Article

The Research on Food Assistance for Nutritional Impact (REFANI) Project

Aiming to strengthen the evidence base on the nutritional impact and cost-effectiveness of cash and voucher-based food assistance programs, as well as identify the mechanisms through which this effectiveness is achieved, partners came together to form the Research on Food Assistance for Nutritional Impact (REFANI) project.

Section: Prevention
Type: Research Paper

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