Webinar: Early Childhood development in Nutrition

A webinar organised by Shivangi Kaushik in which Neelima Chopra outlines the importance of incorporating the Early Childhood stage into nutrition programming. She explains the significance of ECD and ECE.

In this webinar Dr Neelima Chopra emphasises the importance of incorporating ECD (Early Childhood Development) into nutrition programming. Neelima, who holds a PhD in Education, works as a Faculty Member for Jamia Millia Islamia (university) in New Delhi and focuses on ECD (Early Childhood Education). In this webinar, she explains the significance of ECD and ECE and why we need to integrate early stimulation into nutrition programmes.

Session Highlights:
  • Early childhood: definition and importance
  • Impact of ECD
  • ECD and ECE
  • Nurturing Care Framework

Watch the webinar below.

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Author: Dr Neelima Chopra

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