Webinar: Cash and Voucher Assistance

A Learning Week presentation led by Action Against Hunger US on cash and voucher assistance.

Cash and Voucher assistance is growing as proportion of overall international humanitarian assistance. On the second day of Learning Week 2019, Action Against Hunger US presented the growth and impact of cash and vouchers in an international and Haitian context.

Session Higlights
  • Use of cash and voucher assistance within and across sector rising​
  • Cash and vouchers assistance in ACF-IN​
  • Cash and vouchers assistance in AAH
  • REFANI Conclusions and Recommendations​
  • Lessons Learnt from MAM’Out
  • R4ACT cash impact on nutrition outcomes​
  • Vouchers in the Haitian context

Watch the webinar below.

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Section: Learning
Thematic Area: Cash-based Interventions
Location: GlobalHaiti
Type: Webinar
Tags: Learning Week
Language: English

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