Lunchbox Learning: Restaurants Against Hunger Campaign, Cambodia

A webinar by Victoria Wong, Social Accountability Coordinator in Action Against Hunger in Cambodia, highlighting key lessons learned from the Restaurants Against Hunger campaign in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Victoria Wong, Social Responsibility Manager at Action Against Hunger Cambodia, offers insight into the Restaurants Against Hunger campaign in Phnom Penh.

Session highlights include:

  • Overview of situation in Cambodia (including socio-historical background, culture and restaurant scene in Phnom Penh)
  • SWOT analysis and reasons for piloting the campaign (including evaluation of Love Food Give Food campaign)
  • Campaign optimisation (i.e. how the campaign was adapted to fit local needs and boost impact)
  • Pilot and implementation (i.e. how the campaign was marketed and run)
  • Monitoring techniques, evaluation and lessons learned.

About this post

Section: Learning
Thematic Area: Advocacy, Nutrition and Health
Location: Cambodia
Type: Webinar
Tags: Campaign
Language: English

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