Learning Review 2019

A collection of learning from across the Action Against Hunger network in 2019.

Learning is the transformative process that turns information into knowledge. Continuous learning, reflection and adaptation is critical to building knowledge and evidence. Through collectively capturing and sharing knowledge we are enabled to build on what we have learned, and increase the quality of our work.
At Action Against Hunger we are committed to making learning a core part of our culture. We strive to develop ways to make learning and evidence from practice easily accessible, enabling us and others to improve and design higher quality and more accountable programmes.
The Learning Review is an annual publication providing staff across Action Against Hunger with a platform to share their learning and reflections from a diverse range of projects, research and experiences.
In addition to outlining best practices, the learning review highlights challenges encountered and how our teams have learned from these experiences. We believe that it is equally as important to learn from the mistakes we have made as it is to learn from our successes.
Following positive feedback last year, we have structured this year’s learning review around the five stages of the programme cycle. Our teams have reflected on learning at the five stages of the programme cycle. In order for us to continuously improve the delivery of our programmes, it is essential for learnings to be gathered at every stage of this cycle.

This publication would not be possible without the valuable contribution of our staff from across Action Against Hunger, whose commitment to sharing experiences is a clear demonstration of the importance they place on learning and knowledge exchange. We hope to inspire dialogue through sharing this portfolio, and above all, to facilitate knowledge exchange and uptake.


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Year Published: 2019
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