Learning Review 2017

Global experiences and practices from Action Against Hunger, encompassing learnings, approaches and impact of our programmes in 2017.

In this 2017 Learning Review we focus on a very diverse range of subjects and contexts that provide an insight into the groundbreaking work that Action Against Hunger is doing, often in some of the most difficult contexts and with the most vulnerable populations. This Learning Review is testimony to the programmatic outreach that Action Against Hunger has, which allows us to gain vital experiences. These, when documented well, become a rich resource for future use to help us improve our knowledge, attitudes and practices at the individual level. At the organisational level these resources become a tool that enable us to advocate for change internally and externally. We want to be recognised as a learning organisation that values evidence and strives to use it for improving our programmes, policies and approaches.

Our challenge, however, is often not so much about generating evidence, as demonstrated through our research streams and increasingly our internal and external monitoring, evaluation and learning services. It is about how we use what we have generated to influence others and our own work. We often speak of producing ‘lessons learned’; actually what we are doing is identifying lessons from our experiences, research and evaluations, as we have done in this Learning Review. If we assign actions against some of these and then track progress, it is likely that we are able to make the necessary change. This means having monitoring, evaluation and learning systems and processes that allow us to do this effectively. In this regard and as the articles within the Learning Review on ‘Evaluation trends and ‘MEAL Approaches’ show, it is a very exciting time to be at Action Against Hunger. I am delighted that we are channelling our efforts and expertise in this area.

Thank you to everyone that has contributed their valuable time in working with us to develop this year’s content. I hope you enjoy reading the Learning Review as much as we have enjoyed developing it. Let us together create opportunities to share our learnings and lessons more widely to advocate for what we stand for. Because we will never give up. Until the world is free from hunger.


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