Gender Intersectional Integration in Social and Labour Inclusion Interventions in Spain

Learnings around the implementation of a Gender Working Group designed to support the integration of an intersectional approach to gender.

The DASE (Delegations and Social Action in Spain – Delegaciones y Acción Social en España in Spanish) department decided to integrate an intersectional approach to gender in all aspects of their work. This meant that their gender strategy needed to address differences within the team in regard to experience and knowledge of gender, staff members’ technical background and professional categories.

To do this they created a Gender Working Group composed by volunteers from every office and the Headquarters, to design an action plan, monitor and disseminate it. Its successful implementation was a result of personal commitment from the members of the GWG and the support of the rest of the team, including managers and directors.


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Section: Implementation and Monitoring Learning

Thematic Area: Gender

Location: Spain

Type: Article

Language: English

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Year Published: 2020
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