Advocating for Change – Empowering Women in Gaza

Results from a Food Security and Livelihoods programme with income generating activities to empower women in Gaza

This article highlights the power of linking advocacy to programmatic data, no matter how small-scale the programme is.

Action Against Hunger has been working in the occupied Palestinian territory since 2002, aiming to reduce vulnerabilities and respond to humanitarian needs, while protecting and strengthening the resilience of Palestinian communities. In food security and livelihoods, our projects aim to provide viable and sustainable sources of income and livelihoods opportunities.


In the Gaza Strip, our food security and livelihoods projects target the most vulnerable communities through cash-based interventions, rehabilitation of agricultural assets, provision of agricultural inputs and managerial training. A decade under Israeli blockade and three full-scale wars has heavily affected the lives and resilience of two million Gazans, and certain groups such as female heads of household are known to be particularly vulnerable. Needs assessments have repeatedly underlined women’s limited access to resources and markets as an issue; it increases their vulnerability to poverty, food insecurity, and malnutrition, which was again exacerbated by the 2014 conflict.


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Section: Learning

Thematic Area: Advocacy Food Security and Livelihoods Gender

Location: Occupied Palestinian Territory

Type: Article

Language: English

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Author: Elena Olymbia A. Dikomitis

Year Published: 2017
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