Multi-Sectoral Surveillance System in Covid-19 Context

The multi-sectoral surveillance system is an alert system, providing early warnings on emerging threats in order to allow cross-cutting, adaptive programming.

The Covid-19 pandemic will affect the public health situation and generate many secondary economic and social effects in each of Action Against Hunger’s intervention sectors, creating multi-sectoral stresses. Therefore, documenting these trends through systematic collection, analysis, and interpretation of specific multi-sectoral data, is highly needed to input the identification of new gaps, and adequately and timely adapt programming. The information generated with this surveillance system should:

  1. Provide relevant sectoral and multi-sectoral information to help in the identification of priorities and in the definition of informed quality interventions at the various levels of the missions, partners, clusters, authorities and communities of the area.
  2. Monitor the evolution of the situation, and allow to generate a robust database, for future evaluations, analyses and eventually operational research.


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Year Published: 2020
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