Middle East Regional Report 2019

The Middle East Annual Report 2019 outlines Action Against Hunger’s key activities, reach and achievements in all the countries where we work in the region.

The Middle East region has once again seen more than its fair share of basic humanitarian needs that Action Against Hunger had continued to help to address; especially related to the crises in Yemen and in Syria (and the Syrian refugee hosting countries around Syria), as well in long-standing complex emergencies, such as Palestine and Iraq. Equally, Action Against Hunger has worked on sustainable developmental activities for refugees, refugee hosting communities and other vulnerable communities across the region.

This report will help to explain the range and innovation of Action Against Hunger programmes to address the extent of activities required to meet the different needs of the communities we work with. All these activities are focused on one common goal: that of ensuring the permanent ending of hunger across the region. We take this opportunity to thank all our partners who have worked with us – governments, local authorities, communities, intergovernmental organisations, partner NGOs, institutional and private donors – in helping us to move towards reaching that common goal. We also highlight and praise the continuous engagement of our colleagues and teams who are able to engage daily and commit to our principles and values with delivering quality and timely interventions in the field.

Download the report to read how we addressed the needs of the 42 million people in need across the Middle East region.

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Year Published: 2020
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