Middle East Regional Annual Report 2017

Action Against Hunger’s Middle East Regional Annual Report for 2017

Despite extensive diplomatic efforts exerted throughout 2017, the Middle East remains afflicted by multiple protracted crises. The number of newly displaced people generally decreased, however the region still struggles to handle the needs of approximately 11.5 million internally displaced people – 6.5 million in Syria alone – and around 6 million, mainly Syrian, refugees.

Action Against Hunger’s Middle East Regional Office (MERO) was created in 2013 to respond to the extraordinary regional humanitarian challenges. Our eight missions contribute to the fantastic humanitarian efforts to alleviate the suffering of millions of

vulnerable people. To that end, the Middle East Regional Office (MERO) provides technical as well as security and access guidance, encourages innovation through pilot initiatives and creative solutions and builds capacities through tailored trainings. MERO also fosters better interaction between all regional stakeholders and raises its voice through an audacious advocacy strategy.


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Year Published: 2018
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