International Strategic Plan 2016-2020

Our strategic plan to 2020 establishes our vision, our goals and the targets we aim to achieve.

Much has changed since Action Against Hunger was founded in 1979. As an international organisation, we are continuously evolving in response to and anticipation of a changing global landscape. Our multi-year strategic plan provides a framework for leadership and a roadmap for increasing our impact. That is our intent.

Our strategic plan will guide us and allow us to work with partners to develop and implement approaches and policies that will result in real, measureable reductions in human suffering from the ravages of hunger. It establishes our vision, our goals and the targets we aim to achieve.

Political and social turmoil, conflict, poverty, inequality and natural disasters continue to have calamitous consequences for the world’s hungry. Today, an estimated 50 million children under five suffer still from acute undernutrition, the most life-threatening form of hunger, and 159 million from chronic undernutrition, which occurs over time. But the resolve to act to address hunger has now been recognised politically worldwide with the world’s governments finally agreeing a goal to end it by 2030. There is now real hope for the future.

We know that hunger and undernutrition are preventable. In a world where climate change and conflict will challenge even the most resilient among us, Action Against Hunger will be a global leader in advocating for resources, practices and policies that will restore the dignity and potential of people affected by hunger.

Together with our global partners, we will work to achieve even greater results in reducing and preventing hunger among the most vulnerable people around the world.

Over the next five years, we will strengthen our organisation through the adoption of technology and enhanced collaboration around shared approaches. We will partner with academia and think tanks to generate new knowledge from our vast field presence. We will seek collaboration with civil society, with the private sector and with governments to strengthen our collective impact.

This five year strategic plan sets the ambitions of Action Against Hunger to be at the forefront of bringing positive and lasting change in the lives of those affected by hunger. Our aim is to empower people for them to be in charge of their own destinies. We endeavor to support households, local communities and national institutions to develop longer term collective approaches to reinforce their capacities to better respond to, mitigate and prevent humanitarian emergencies and hunger crises.


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