International Annual Report 2017

The International Annual Report 2017 outlines Action Against Hunger’s key activities, reach and achievements in all the countries where we work.

Action Against Hunger’s vision of a world free from hunger compels us to take decisive action to combat malnutrition worldwide, and to work with the global community to contribute to the achievement of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Our International Strategic Plan 2016-2020 provides a strategic framework for our operations throughout the Action Against Hunger Network until 2020, and has three major aims: to mitigate the consequences of hunger; to address the causes of hunger; and to change the way hunger is viewed and addressed. These aims contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals, including the goals on zero hunger; good health and well-being; gender equality; and clean water and sanitation.

Our aims are framed by the Network’s theory of change, the overarching guide for how we contribute to a world without hunger. The theory of change outlines four cross-cutting approaches which we believe are at the forefront of making change in the lives of those affected by hunger:

• Technical expertise and innovation
• Operational capacity
• Powerful and legitimate voice
• Transfer of our knowledge and expertise

Key Information


Year Published: 2018
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