Covid-19: Our response in 2020

The Covid-19 Report 2020 outlines Action Against Hunger’s work in tackling the pandemic.

The Covid-19 pandemic has increased food insecurity globally. The emergence of the global Covid-19 outbreak and the restrictions of movement which followed led to an increase in hunger across the globe. The World Food Programme estimated that an additional 161 million people suffered from chronic hunger in 2020; a larger increase in one year than in the previous five years combined.

In 2020 one quarter of Action Against Hunger’s financial resources were redirected towards tackling Covid-19. The Network allocated 52.2 million euros to the pandemic last year. Our emergency response has been focused on two lines of action:

1. To contain and prevent transmission of the virus by working at three levels: people, communities and structures, and

2. To mitigate the socio-economic and psychosocial consequences caused by the pandemic and by the measures restricting movement.

Download the report to read about the work we did in 2020.